Nikkei-225 recently hit a new high after a wait of 34 years.

Nikkei-225 recently hit a new high after a wait of 34 years. Japan’s ‘lost decades’ has long been used as a warning. We explore the factors behind investors’ enthusiasm and explain why the underwhelming macroeconomic backdrop is not viewed as a deterrent. Let’s discuss why it serves as a lesson for the global markets?2024 scenario- why it is different and what are reasons for Nikkei hitting new highs?

Find out more through this Infographic.


IMG 20240313 WA0063 1


IMG 20240313 WA0062 1

#Returns_Of _Nikkei

IMG 20240313 WA0061 1


IMG 20240313 WA0060 1
IMG 20240313 WA0059 1



IMG 20240313 WA0058 1

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