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Isn’t it the talk of the town now that after such a pathetic accident on the Karmandal Express which happened recently, our lives became too uncertain in such unthinkable situations?  And when the entire nation is still moaning over “death row,” the topic of train travel insurance has become very relevant at this point. That’s why INVESMATE has jotted down important information about the Insurance facility of the IRCTC for Indian train travellers as well as you to make them aware through this simple blog post, which may be useful for you during future train journeys.

Many of us often book travel tickets from our own IRCTC accounts. While booking the tickets, we may have seen an option for 35 paisa insurance. Can we avail of this opportunity by only clicking on that option, or what are some particular cases where we can fully claim this facility?

Let’s dive deep and understand the whole process of getting travel insurance on an IRCTC e-ticket portal:

• You can easily avail of the insurance by clicking on that particular insurance option while booking a ticket from the official IRCTC account. It will cost you only 35 paise. But note that once the ticket is booked, you can no longer choose the insurance option.

• After successfully completing your ticket booking process with the insurance option selected, a message will be sent to your email ID containing a link from the insurance company. Your job as a beneficiary is to first click on that link to update the nomination and add the nominee’s details. This stage is very important in order to get the insurance claim right.

TIP: Try to nominate someone who is not travelling with you on that trip.

  • The Final Stage: By clicking on the Policy Wordings you will be asked to log in with your PNR and mobile number, after which you will get your complete policy details. Keep that safe and give it to your family or your nominee before the journey.
Here are the types of accidents where you ( your Nominee or family members) can claim the insurance in case of any misfortunes.


  • Death: 10 Lakh
  • Total permanent disability: Rs. 10 Lakh
  • Partial permanent disability: Upto Rs. 7.5 Lakh
  • Hospitalization Expenses: Upto Rs. 2 Lakh
  • Transport of mortal remains: Rs. 10000
The claim must be filed within 4 months of the train accident.

If a person gets injured or disabled by the accident and, as a result, dies within the next 12 months, then his family can make a death claim against the insurance. In that case, the disability benefits will be adjusted within the death claim.

Except for accidents, what are the additional compensations promised to be given to the insured?
  • If your belongings get stolen or robbed during your journey, you can also get compensation through this insurance claim.
  • Also, on some premium trains like Tejas Express, you can claim compensation in the event of a delayed arrival of 1-2 hours.
Here is the IRCTC Insurance Claim Link for your convenience: 

Click Here

Hope, you will take the Advantage of This Insurance and Fill-Up the Nomination Form while Booking IRCTC e-ticket from now, and Protect Your Loved Ones & Safeguard Your Train Journey for a Measly 35 Paisa.

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Arunava Chatterjee

Arunava Chatterjee

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