How do I learn how to trade stocks and become a bull, particularly in India?

It’s good to see that you are interested in the stock market and most importantly you want to learn about it before starting your journey. But one thing that you should never forget that the share market is not something that will make you a millionaire overnight. You can earn a good deal of money but not at the very beginning. First, you will have to learn then only you can grow.

As you are a newcomer you may face some challenges in the beginning. Don’t get frustrated by the initial failures. Keep trading with patience and consistency you will definitely be a successful trader after a certain time.

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When You Start Learning About The Stock Market Keep Few Things In Mind
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  1. First,  you must observe the market. Learn the different operation methods of different markets and their participants.
  2. Try to gather as much information as possible. Especially about the different ways of trading or investing. Start reading books and updated market analyses from the internet or any other sources you are comfortable with.
  3. Stock selection is the most important part of share market trading. Your success in the stock market majorly depends on it. So, you will have to learn about it more carefully. Remember your selection of stock is dependent on your way of trading. A stock may appear good for intraday but can be wrong one for the long term. So, before starting your trading you must learn about these ways and different analytical aspects about the selection of the stock.   
  4.  It is not a good idea to depend on others about your financial plans. It is better that you learn properly and do your research then make your own decisions by yourself.
  5. As you have mentioned that you have no experience in trading then you can take a course on the stock market to learn properly about the different aspects of the stock market. A course can guide you through your journey.
  6. Never forget that the key to the success of the stock market is experience and consistency. You must give yourself much time to earn from it. 

Now let’s learn about few things which are ‘must know’ for share market trading:

Avoid Penny Stocks

  • Penny stocks may serve as a good source of profit but for that you need experience. Otherwise, it can be very risky. So, as a beginner avoid risky stocks like penny stocks and try to trade in safer stocks. They may not earn a big amount of profit but they will save you from big losses as well.

Maintain Discipline

  • While trading, don’t do it randomly rather follow a proper plan and strategy to continue consistently.

Avoid Stocks In The News

  • The stocks which are getting much attention from the TV channels or YouTube channels should be avoided by a new trader. They can mislead you. You can try these stocks after you are experienced enough to understand their real potential. 

Do Not Overcrowd Your Portfolio

  • Too many stocks in a portfolio may cause confusion for a beginner. Try to keep as many stocks as you feel confident enough to handle.  Always remember that the stock market can be a good option for making money but not without learning. Proper learning and experience are the main things that can help you to succeed as a reader.
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#Only learning can help you to grow.

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