8 Hidden Facts For Every Stock Market Beginner

Are you a beginner in the stock market? Want to use it as a regular source of earnings? You must know these tricks to make your share market journey a smooth one.

Start Your Journey With A Small Amount

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Start Your Journey With a
In any stream of profession, it takes some time for one to be an expert in the field. It is also true about share market. Understanding the market and choosing the right shares for your portfolio requires some time and effort. Until you learn the pros and cons of the market, start with a small amount. It will limit your losses. It would be better if you invest only in 1 or 2 high-quality stocks while starting as a beginner. After some time when you feel confident enough to develop a good understanding of the market and make your own strategy then you can increase your amount gradually.

Diversify Your Portfolio

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Diversify Your Portfolio 2
It may not be exciting but the safest way to start your journey. Put your money in different stocks of different sectors. It reduces the risk. Diversification would save your portfolio from losses. As there are different types of stocks in the basket if any of them does not perform well it won’t hurt the overall performance of the portfolio. On the other hand, it will actually improve your overall returns.

Invest In Blue-Chip Stocks

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Invest in blue stock
Blue chip stocks are typically well-established and financially sound companies. They have operated successfully for several market cycles and have reliable earnings. That’s why it is considered to be a safe investment. So, while you are beginning, it is better to invest in safe blue-chip stocks.

Never Invest In “Free” Tips

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Never Invest in Free Tips

It’s your hard-earned money and you are the best one to take care of it. Do not go with some hot tips or advice given by someone else. We often get influenced by our neighbors or relatives when buying stocks. It may backfire. You know your own risk management ability and only you know how far you can go with it. So, you will be the best person to judge and act accordingly.

Do Not Blindly Follow Any News-Based Stock

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Do Not Blindly Follow
There are some stocks that have some attention catching activity and are in the news for a while. It is always advisable to avoid those stocks. These stocks become hot stocks because of the buzz created by news media. There are chances that these stocks actually may not have the potential to do well in the future. It is often observed that the stocks which were apparently boring are performing remarkably. It would be better if you choose a stock or fund which have performed considerably well over a period of time and has the potential to do better in the future.

Invest In What You Know And Understand Better

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Invest in What You Know
Never invest in an industry that you do not understand at all. If you do not have any knowledge about the sector you are investing in, you won’t be able to analyze and interpret its potential. You cannot guess where it can land up in the near future. And that can be disastrous. So, invest in a business that you understand and know well.

Reinvest The Dividends

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Reinvest The Dividends

Reinvesting your dividends allows you to buy more shares and create wealth over time. By doing so you can increase the value of your investment than simply taking the cash. You can even use a Dividend Reinvestment Plan or DRIP that automatically uses the dividends to purchase more shares of the company.

Follow A Disciplined Approach

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Follow a Disciplined Approach 1
Discipline is an important factor to succeed in every sphere of life. It is important to follow a disciplined investment approach besides keeping a long-term broad picture in mind. Try to put money systematically in the right shares and stick to your strategy patiently.

Arunava Chatterjee
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