7 myths about the stock market

Many of us do not consider stock market to be a proper instrument to grow wealth.  They still believe that earning money from share market depends on luck only. This is nothing more than just a myth. There are some other age-old myths about stock market.

#Stock Market is risky

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#It’s Gambling

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#Need lots of money

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#High risk equates to high profit

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#Rising today may drop tomorrow

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#Just buy low, sell high

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#It’s Luck by chance

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Arunava Chatterjee

Arunava Chatterjee

Founder of INVESMATE. I am a Certified Research Analyst, Value & Growth Investor, Trainer and Tech Entrepreneur. With 15 years of capital market experience, I have trained 10000+ students on INVESMATE. I have created several YouTube videos, mostly related to in-depth fundamental analysis.


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