5 steps to be followed before deciding on your option strategy

It is said about options that they are very complicated and risky. But the real fact is that options are just another way of gaining exposer to stocks and index. There are so many options strategies that you can apply. But how to identify the right one? It all depends on your comfort level and knowledge. You must remember few small things while deciding on your option strategy

#Option Objective

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#Right Underlying

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#Risk Tolerance

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#Market Condition

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#Your Expertise

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Arunava Chatterjee

Arunava Chatterjee

Founder of INVESMATE. I am a Certified Research Analyst, Value & Growth Investor, Trainer and Tech Entrepreneur. With 15 years of capital market experience, I have trained 10000+ students on INVESMATE. I have created several YouTube videos, mostly related to in-depth fundamental analysis.


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