How can I learn about stock markets in a short time?

This is a very common question asked by beginners of the stock market. But at the very beginning, we would like to tell you that stock market is not magic and there is no shortcut method to win over the stock market. Like any other domain, you need knowledge and skill to succeed here. And you can acquire that knowledge by practice and dedication which takes a little bit of time.

You need proper practical learning about the workings of the stock market to be successful. If “short time” means just 2 or 3 days or just one week for you, then we must say that it is not possible to gain enough knowledge to trade or invest in the stock market within that much time. It takes a little bit more time depending on your adoptive ability and dedication to learn.

Dividing your learning process into different sections will save time and make it easier for you to get complete learning.

 You can divide the learning process into three segments.

Table Of Contents

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Basic Knowledge
Whenever you start to learn about any field you need to have proper basic ideas about it. It is also true about the stock market. You must have clear ideas about the basic things of the stock market. This segment is not much difficult so it does not take much time to learn about these basic things.
  • asic knowledge includes basic ideas about how the stock market works, different types of the stock market and their operations, key terms about the market and many more. 
  • There are different types of investment and trading. You need to know them in detail so that you can decide how you want to operate.  Be it a trader or an investor one must learn about the rewards and risks of both the ways.
Advanced Knowledge
Once you have a proper understanding of the basic knowledge and you are comfortable proceeding further then you should try to acquire further advanced knowledge to know about the domain more profoundly.
  • The advanced knowledge comprises Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Apart from Fundamental and Technical Analysis, one must have a comprehensive idea about the compounding of money. 
  • Based on this knowledge you can decide on your risk management and growth strategy.
Practical Knowledge
This is the most important segment of stock market learning. The Stock market is a vast domain and you need thorough practical knowledge about it.
  • Along with the theoretical knowledge you need extensive practical knowledge and first-hand experience about the operations of the market. 
  • Different concepts such as Trailing Stop Loss method, interpretation of different charts and patterns, Concept of Short Selling and many others require practice and concentration to learn them properly. This may need some time to develop the practical skills to be a professional trader or investor.
Expert’s tip:  If you want to trade like an expert then practical knowledge is a must. Give as much time as possible to live market hour practice to be a professional trader.
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